Jing Wen is a Beijing-raised and LA-based composer, songwriter, and producer.


At the age of 5, she was so touched after hearing the violin version of "Butterfly Lovers" played by her father's friend, and then she started to play violin as a hobby. At the age of 15, Jing Wen started her professional music training after she accidentally met one of her most important teacher Zhou at a small music training center. Zhou found her enthusiastic about music, then encouraged and leaded her into the black hole of music. Jing Wen begged her family for letting her study music even though it was very hard for her since she started very very late. She then dropped out from high school with incomprehension from all her teachers.


In 2015, after practicing piano and composition for over 8 hours a day for a year, she was ready to meet professors at the conservatory for a higher level of education. However, she was rejected on the phone by the professors just because she didn't have any connections in the music industry, and none of her family member does music. While after meeting with the second chair of composition department at Central Conservatory Jia, she was found talented and had unique thoughts about music, poetry, photography, humanity, etc. Then Jia agreed to be her mentor.

In 2016, she attended to Berklee College of Music to pursue her career in Film Scoring with an achievement scholarship. Before graduated, she already had credits on short films , games, and TV shows as a composer (e.g. Short Film "看不见风景的房间(Urban Disease)", Visual Album"Guerrilla", TV series "Homeland《河山》"《琉璃美人煞》《号手就位》, ​《且听凤鸣》《月光变奏曲》.)


As a songwriter/producer, her singles "Filling Illusion" "Nothing I Need" "buoyancy." have released on Spotify/Apple music in 2019. In 2020, she completed her internship at composer Jeff Russo (Grammy nominee/Emmy winner, composer for "Fargo" "Star Trek: Discovery", etc.)'s Music Box Studio in Los Angeles. After that, she's been working as a full-time composer at ByteDance Ltd.

"I like a lot your general concept for scoring scenes, you always have a good "eye" and sense of what is the right amount of tension and all. Never too much, just right."

                                                                    --------- Claudio Ragazzi (Grammy Award winner/Emmy Award winner) 

"You've already found your own unique sound."

                                                                    --------- Christopher Young (Golden Globe Award nominee)

scoring for visual media


Nothing I need (feat. Esther Meng & King Manic)


songwriter/lyric writer/producer: Jing Wen

shadow and shadow overlain on the street 

sunset is not far away

can’t imagine you're gone somewhere unknown


falling and falling, on the other side of night

whoever has hope feels depressed

you lighten up my world and throw me into the fire

river and river never pull out of my eyes

as they disappear in your lies

you promise you'll protect me but you're my deepest fear 


There’s nothing I need

nothing I need 


but you



songwriter/lyric writer/producer: Jing Wen

cigarrates on the floor

they said where i was before

secrets that i used to know 

chasing what i should ignore


set it free

let buoyangcy take me to the edge of the land


thinking of what i wanna be

never like anyone around me

their rules of living their insanity 

i defend 

excuse them


set it free

let buoyangcy take me to the edge of the land


Filling Illusion (feat. Esther Meng)

songwriter/lyric writer/producer: Jing Wen

a sip of wine

catch the light

surrounded by the ocean line

you're mine 

you're mine  oh       

another midnight 

quite all right

dream until I soon realize you’re 

not mine 

not mine  oh


I never wanted to know how I fill illusion 

I never wanted to know how I fill illusion

watch my reflection when the season begins

in the dawning scene of infinite pain

eyelashes glinting, cheeks brushing,  

see through the vein under your skin

I'm obsessed with the way you made me feel under the mist 

the puff of your smoke 

swirled and billowed, choking me like what you do